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What is the difference between imported stainless steel and domestic stainless steel?
Time:2019-05-16 Source:Zibo Baishun Stainless Steel Hits:

  With the rapid development of China's economic construction, the demand for stainless steel products in various industries is also increasing. Many customers of stainless steel plate enterprises choose stainless steel in Foshan stainless steel market, and choose domestic stainless steel plate and imported stainless steel plate. Hesitant, in the eyes of many people, although the quality of imported stainless steel plates is good, the price is much higher. Although domestic stainless steel plates are cheap, they are afraid of poor quality. Is it appropriate to make stainless steel or stainless steel when selecting stainless steel? What is the difference between the two?

  The biggest difference between domestic stainless steel plates and imported stainless steel plates lies in the production process. In the stainless steel plate market imported from China, most of the stainless steel products imported from Germany and Japan are used. The biggest advantage of these countries' stainless steel products is that they have advanced and strict production processes. The product quality is very good. In some industries where the quality of stainless steel is particularly high, many are imported stainless steel products. However, compared with domestic stainless steel, the price of imported stainless steel plates is relatively high.

  Although imported stainless steel sheets have advantages in production process and product quality, it does not mean that domestic stainless steel sheets are useless. On the contrary, domestic stainless steel plates have been continuously improved, production processes and technologies have been continuously improved, and equipment levels have also improved. Increasingly high, although there is still much room for improvement in domestic stainless steel plates, there are still some excellent stainless steel plate companies and industry brands. I believe in the quality and quality of China's stainless steel products under the influence and leadership of these stainless steel plate companies and brands. It will get better and better.

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