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201 stainless steel should be noted in use
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201 stainless steel strip should not be exposed to corrosive materials during use, otherwise it will cause some serious consequences.

The manifestations of adverse consequences are:

The first is the thinning of the stainless steel strip parts.

The second is the acceleration of wear and the rust on the part will affect the chain hinge and the flexible rotation of the roller.

The third is the occurrence of stress corrosion and grain corrosion. When choosing a chain to be used in a corrosive environment, attention must be paid to the choice of material for the chain parts.

Whether the chain of parts made with martensitic stainless steel is rust depends on the working conditions.

Therefore, when using the 201 stainless steel strip, care should be taken not to expose the 201 stainless steel strip to corrosive materials.

201 stainless steel strip

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